* s t a r d u s t a g a i n s t a p a l e s k y *

A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Why Oh Why Did She Swallow The Fly?*

New pictures on the picture site (not too many because uploading is a pain in the patoot!).. click on the title and i think it will work.. otherwise the site is www.picturetrail.com/barelyexisting77 .. trying to get puppy pictures up there too! And Michael and roomie ones as well! *sigh* i have a lot of pictures and i just want the world to be perfectly organized with little labels in alphabetical order!

anyone want to arrange my underwear drawer in rainbow order?

*yawn* i am in a totally weird mood right now and I wish michael was here so he could find out the real crazy me and dump me and be better off :-P wow, i really love that kid because he wouldn't even if he saw me right now.. clad in a bikini for no apparent reason under a gigantic ridiculously large and ridiculously purple sweatswirt and sweatpants that make me look fat no matter what anyone says.

twenty minutes ago i hit my sand-colored sheets in my new blue bikini that shows off my 'tan' and got all my lights to shine down on me.. and read the rest (or, almost the rest) of my book-for-pleasure. It was ALMOST like going to the beach. Does anyone else do weird things like this, I wonder? I dreamed all night about surfing (and being with michael on a warm beach doing fun things like playing volleyball and taking long walks into the sunset) and I just couldn't help but think about it all freakin cold rainy day! needless to say, my book reading ended in this sweatshirt under two seperate comforters. *pout* winter is no fun at all!

i really wish the clock didn't say 946 right now because it feels late and i know if i stay up past that 10 oclock mark i will not be able to wake up at 11 to go stay at aunt kathy's tomorrow. i'm such a baby for worriying about living there this weekend.. she has a freakin security system.. and three dogs.. course one is a chuiuaiaiaiaia (i still can't figure out how that word is spelled). shit, i'm about to get up to get a pepsi. don't do it sarah!!!!

*that sizzly noise when you open the cap*

*sweet wonderfulness pouring down my lips and tounge and throat*

Aw man.. i love soda. you think whoever invented it is still alive and kickin? i mean i know the baskin robbins guy bit the dust from all that ice cream (or was that ben and jerry?.. no it was only one guy)

Oh! By the way! I think i'm going to be a good girlfriend and start making homemade ice cream.. mike you like ice cream right? well homemade is like.. awesome. like that edys homemade.. awww man.. wonderful.. and it's not REALLY homemade! so i'm going to home make ice cream. or maybe ill just start with like.. really good italian dishes. hmm.. mike if you could have anything made for you, what would you want?

by the way michael.. my mum ate your cookies. :-\ sorry babe, i tried to stop her ;-) ill make you new ones. lots o em.

gee.. why don't i just write emails to you? oh yea, because you're the only one who reads this besides me :-P i'm going to sleep (i'm lying).


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