* s t a r d u s t a g a i n s t a p a l e s k y *

A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Bid My Heart Goodbye*

... You know, I get really sad sometimes. really sad that he's not here ...

... but I never doubt that we're supposed to be together ...

... and even if it continues to get worse ...

... I think someday, it will be great again ...

... and I'm really looking forward to it. It's worth waiting for. He's worth waiting for...

:-) I'm sorry that i was kinda sad a good part of our 2 1/2 hour conversation tonight. But its still only the second day I've been actively dealing with your absense at my college. It's hard. it is. But I'm really glad you're doing the best thing, and that things have worked out for you well so far. [[prayer for mike's job application]]. I'll have a car in May. May... seems so far away on a syllabus, lol.

So as if I wasn't in a pretty sad mood when i hung up the phone, I listened to the messages and its Lydia. Saying what? Saying mean nasty things about how shes going to start VERY STRICTLY enforcing visiting hours. I really despise her with a passion for being so negative about boys. I hope she never has a daughter to discourage from all male interactions, because she'll surely end up a lesbian (like Lydia). Sorry, that was mean, but I seriously think she has penis phobia. I really don't think that at exactly ten oclock, the men turn into hormonal sex machines. I pretty much think that's not what really happens, I'm thinkin. Wednesdays. For goodness sake its the only time of the week that guys can be in our dorms-- for a big *3* hours.

Oh yea, and she also added there are to be no boys allowed in the stair well.

Personally, I could really give a rat's ass about the visiting hour rules. Mike lives in New Jersey and there are no visiting hours at Justins house. I feel like tape recording myself sleeping (as in zzzz ZZzzzZzz) with Mike and sending it to Lydia, just for the sheer shock value.

Side note: it certainly is possible to have a good/Christian relationship without being totally retarded about visiting hours. It's this new thing called self control. Lydia should try it some time to use self control when limiting her message lengths.

Lydia, DONT leave a 4 hour message this time. Don't hate the meatballs because we attract the men and you do not. Don't be so freaking mean to me all the time, and don't act like you know what's going on with me, that I have problems, that my relationship is all wrong. FYI it is wonderfully good, and good in a non-visiting-hour-breaking way. So shove that up your always-after-ten-pm watch and eat it at Lottie.

And I'd give up forever to touch you

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

'Cause sooner or later it's over

I just don't want to miss you tonight


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