* s t a r d u s t a g a i n s t a p a l e s k y *

A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Round Here We Stay Up Very Very Very Very Late*

Soooo.. I finished my paper in the nick of time and didn't get caught for not having done more than half a speck of homework last night. :-D I'm gonna organize my life this weekend and then everything will be a-ok and ready for this whole school thing. Right now I'm kinda floating.

Actually, I'm still not done class for the day. I have a 7:10-8:10 seminar for history, which really doesn't look all that fun because it's a smaller class (my history class regularly is about 100) and I'm going tohave to talk, which means I'm going to have to know what I'm talking about. I really wish I had taken US History before 1865 instead of after but.. never you mind, it will be one of three classes that I will have to drag myself through this semester (I am actually enjoying my Psychology, which is the reason for my declaring this semester Psych BA/ HDFS)

I realized today one very thing that has been bothering me (well, not so much anymore but anyway..) is that I think about Mickey so much because I see him everywhere. He looks like every single guy on this campus from the back (or at least, he did). I guess that's a good thing that I'm totally forgetting the way he looks enough to think he's everyone, but it's really getting on my nerves. But there you go, it's why somehow a walk through campus tends to make me wonder why I bother thinking about him anymore. Damn it, I'm gonna have to date some weird looking people now. I'm already off to a bad start ;-)

Anyways I think I need to start studying. Riiiight. I saw the UPS truck leaving just a few minutes ago so I'm gonna head over and get the rest of my books (I'm PRAYING that my history book comes today because I have to know all that stuff for class tonight) and then probably take a nap because my EVIL boyfriend kept me up ALL NIGHT. Hehe, not really. I heart talking to him all night. It's my hero.

I only have one class tomorrow at 1:55. Now THATs my hero.


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