* s t a r d u s t a g a i n s t a p a l e s k y *

A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Burn Themselves In The Fire*

Stayed at the lock-in as an adult and helped out around the youth events. I want to marry someone like Christy's Danny. Funny, sweet, thoughtful.. and adorable helps too. Too bad everyone like that is married. Or dead.

Maybe I'm exaggerating. But I kinda wanted to stay out tonight but there was nothing to do. Shannon and I went to the Phoenix (or some combination of those letters) and then to the Galloway Diner but had no desire to eat so we just went home.

I wish Ishai would fall for Shannon already. Guys can be so thick and stuck in their ways, they don't see that someone wonderful is waiting around for them to stop being so blind.

I have no idea if I'm going to Nyack tomorrow to see Lisa or not. I'm thinkin not because she didn't call and I have to somehow take care of my dog, and my parents are going away.

Which means, of course, party at my house. All my friends are invited.

Which means Shannon, break out the monopoly, it's gonna be a long night.

Hopefully Martin will be around until Shannon gets back from Philly. We all know how scared of the dark I am O=)


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