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A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Can I Speak To Penelope Anne?*

Okay so here's the story from last night that I was too tired to type out...

I picked Mike up at like 11.. made him stand in front of his mom's pet store and wave his arms at the street.. teehee. I went in and said hi to his mommy.. who said I look even more like my mom. Hehe, I've known them for.. as long as I can remember. Oh, and he's not taller than me. But finally, not shorter either. Hehe, he'll always be like.. little 4'8'' 12-year-old Michael to me. Hehe.

We went across the street to the diner. I had a bagel and he had a BLT in case you were interested. hehe.

Then we went to Flyer's Skate Zone in Atlantic City to go ice skating. Damn, I forgot he was a freaking hockey player, not to mention an awesome and freakin fast skater. It was my second time on the ice. LoL. I was pretty good though, for twice. I could do one lap in his two. But you should see him, he freakin flies (On a side note though, I didn't fall at all and he fell 3 times... boo yah!). Mike played with the kids on the rink.. soo cute. he's so good with kids (you would be too if you practically had one though.. haha.. long story). It was really cute, and he held my hands and helped me skate and.. haha, more like dragged me around the rink while I prayed not to fall. Boy is so flirty, but adorable.

lmao. my dog just walked in the house with a thong in her mouth. hehe, maybe she's a victoria's secret addict too (errr. she found it on the street.. it ain't mine. woah now gross).

Ok so anyways. After skating we came back to my house and I took Cashmere for a walk while Mike talked to my daddy.. who he noted was exactly the same-- talking on his cell phone. ha, so true. We got movie times and determined that the movie wasn't until 7:20 and it was still really early soooo we went to the mall. We got a lot of food.. Auntie Annes and Kohr Bros.. and he bought a shirt (and got mint chocolate ice cream all over his own shirt.. and on his pants) and I bough a realllllly cute belly ring-- it's a sheep. And I wanna go back and get these new ones-- they're street signs. Hehe. Anyways, mostly we just tried on hats and sunglasses and.. I kept him away from the jewelry stores because he's obsessed with gold.. hehe, my little italian. It was cool, we didn't even go through the whole mall before we had to leave. We were entertaining ourselves pretty well.

So finally we went to the movies.. we saw uhhh.. hrmm.. Be Cool? yeah. It wasn't that bad. And yes Jenni, I watched the whole thing. (hehe.. hmm.. erm.. mostly).

After the movies it was like 1030ish so I drove him home to Mystic Island. I missed all the turns on the way. I was so tired. Haha, but then we got back to his house and talked in my car for .. uhh .. erm .. 5 or 6 hours? hehe, yeah. So I drove home at 5AM from Mystic Island (which I don't remember).. I forgot my cell phone in the car so I couldn't call Mike to tell him I was home but before I went out to get the phone my mom got up and I had to pretend like I was asleep because.. woah.. I was really late. Oh and then I had to go to work this morning early. Perty tired now. Pepsi charged. Boo Yah.

But it was an awesome night. It was so cool, when I laid down I realized the sides of my mouth hurt because I was smiling all day. :-D Now that's a good day.

It was quite possibly the best (and longest) day I've had in a long long long long time.

LMAO. Friends is really funny.. its the ep when Rachel finds out she's pregnant and Ross and Joey are freaking out about condoms only being protection 97% of the time. I guess you have to see it but I'm really laughing out loud.

Ok so anyways. Who knows what's going on with life. But I think it's a little freaky that I spent all night with Mike on that one particular day of the year. Shit, I totally shouldn't be thinking about that. But I am.

And get this, Mike's birthday is in like a week. *sigh* The day before Jesse's .. hehe, also his middle name .. and my parents anniversary and matts bday and mickeys bday and someone else's i'm sure. i can't remember. shit.

Oh who cares. I had a kickass night and I'm happy. :-D


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    I love you. <3

  • At 11:46 PM, Blogger cblues said…

    It's about time that I came to visit your journal here. I'll start by saying thank you for the word that you've put out for me. I'll end by saying that I was glad to see this, 'I'm happy.' JC

  • At 12:55 AM, Anonymous nenni said…

    you are so adorable i love you to pieces and back.
    and f it over, i watched another ENTIRE movie tonight too.

    i hate that.



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